Quit Smoking with Medicinal Plants and Fruits

Quitting smoking is not easy. Nobody can do it overnight, and even less so if one does not have enough willpower. We are all very well aware that miracles of this type do not exist, that as of right now, no “effective remedy” exists that will help you completely get rid of the tobacco craving and avoid the withdrawal symptoms.

What we do know is that smoking is bad for you. Smoking kills. However, there are millions and millions of people who continue with this unhealthy addition, with their lives ‘hanging by a thread,’ until that day when they least expect it when the first problem arises. The first illness.

Today in our blog we want to speak to you about the best medicinal plants and fruits that can help you with the process of quitting smoking. However, always remember that the best ally to help you quit smoking is your own will power.

1. Passionflower to help fight withdrawal symptoms

We have mentioned before the many benefits of passionflower. You already know that you can find it in a variety of natural health food stores and that it is wonderful to alleviate nervousness and to help fight anxiety.

It is usually said that the passionflower is the best medicinal plant to help fight withdrawal symptoms, that is it doesn’t make you quit smoking but it helps when you are trying to quit and you experience the common symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, moodiness, insomnia, desperation… It acts as a mediator, a good facilitator.

How do you use passionflower?

• You can find passionflower in natural stores and it is available in capsules, pills and liquid and also in tea bags for infusions.
• The Medical Center of the University of Maryland (United States) tells us that in order to combat the symptoms of withdrawal in adults, you can take between 15 and 30 drops, three times a day.
• If you want to make an infusion, you only need to boil 20 grams of the dried passionflower plant in a cup of water (200 ml).

2. Licorice, a psychological ally to quit smoking

Licorice contains glycyrrhizin, which is the main ingredient which helps the most when attempting to quit smoking. This is what gives licorice its unique strong flavor, which is capable of curing throat inflammations and can even protect the liver. Thanks to this stimulant and natural protector it is possible to reduce the anxiety for raising that cigarette to the mouth.

It is a psychological ally capable of reducing the need to smoke. Further, it is a good sweetener, a natural anti-inflammatory, an analgesic and an ally to protect our stomach. However, it is not recommended for persons with diabetes.

How do you use licorice?

The best way to receive the benefits of licorice to help quit smoking is to use it as an infusion. Take note of how to do it below:


• 5 grams of the dry licorice root
• 3 cups of water (600 ml)


It’s very easy. The first thing to do is boil the water and then add the 5 grams of dry licorice root. It is best to use a copper pot since this material helps to better the main active properties of the licorice root. Once it is done, let it sit for 10 minutes and then pour it into a glass jar. You should drink 3 cups a day, after each meal. You can drink it hot, warm, or even cold; however you wish.

3. Infusion of ginger and lemon to fight the dependency

Ginger is a wonderful medicinal root which is capable of fighting the “urge to smoke.” In addition to acting as a natural relaxant, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, it also has the same qualities as licorice to help put a stop to the nicotine dependency.

Above all, you will find its acidic and strong flavor very interesting, hence, it is also very beneficial to accompany it with some natural juice. The sensation will be even more intense and will act as a powerful natural antioxidant. Take note of how you can prepare it below.


• 60 grams of grated ginger root
• The juice of ½ a lemon
• 3 cups of water (600 ml)


You only need to boil the three cups of water and add a little ginger root. Let it cook for at least 20 minutes, then remove it from the heat and let it sit for another 10 minutes. The next step? Add the juice from half a lemon. You should drink your first cup on an empty stomach and the other two cups after each meal. You will feel great.

4. Noni juice to fight the addiction

Do you know the fruit noni? It is also called Indian mulberry, guanábana, soursop or cheese fruit. It has a very pleasing flavor and provides many benefits to our health. Some examples? Noni is ideal to treat inflammation and cough and to reduce arthritis pain. Further, it can help you to quit smoking. We will explain how it should be taken?


• ½ noni fruit
• A glass of water (200 ml)
• A tablespoon of honey (20 grams)


You should drink this juice each morning, just after getting up. In this way, you will fight the morning cravings for your first cigarette. You simply need to put the noni fruit and water in the blender and mix until it becomes a smooth juice. Afterward, you can sweeten it with a tablespoon of honey. You will love it.