This Is How To Stop A Headache Instantly With This Simple Mixture

You just need 2 teaspoons Himalayan crystal salt mixed into 1 cup of lemon juice with the lemon zest and 1 cup of water.

Make sure to use Himalayan crystal salt because it contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements – an astonishing number considering that only 118 elements are known to science. So adding Himalayan salt to this mixture can help supply virtually any mineral deficiency you might have. Himalayan salt is also rich in iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium.

This salt helps deal with migraines, strengthens the immune system, increases energy levels, balances serotonin levels in the bloodstream, restores the body’s alkaline and electrolyte balance.

When purchasing your Himalayan salt, make sure it’s pink in color; this shows that the salt is dense in minerals.