Tips to Detox Your Body of Excess Sugar

Most of us love sweets, especially cookies and chocolates. It is very common to share these treats during family events or with friends. However, we don’t often think that this type of ‘treat’ can be harmful to our health and we don’t control it.

When it comes to sugary foods or bakery products, it’s important to know that these foods are easily absorbed by your body and brought to your bloodstream much faster than normal sugars. This is where the release of insulin originates.

When you eat foods with a high amount of refined sugar, you are giving your body practically zero nutrients. It’s often said that these foods have ’empty calories’ because they do not provide you with the necessary energy for properly carrying out functions.

When you want to take care of yourself and are conscious that a balanced diet is the best thing you can do in order to have good health, you should begin to eat good amounts of vegetables and whole grains that give you both nutrients and carbohydrates. Unlike refined sugar, these carbohydrates are released little by little in the blood and are used as fuel to provide the necessary energy so that all the functions of your body are carried out properly.

For that reason and many others, you have to try to eliminate those amounts of refined sugars in your body which aren’t giving you any nutritional value. In order to do this, you should carry out a good detoxification, which is why we recommend that you take note of the following tips.

Tips for Detoxifying Your Body

The first thing you should do to begin to take care of yourself and avoid eating sugary products is: remove all temptations. That means that in your house or any place that you go there should not be any type of sweet. In this way, you will not feel any desire to eat them. The power of willpower!

You should replace sugar with healthy products like walnuts and other nuts that besides being very tasty, they can be a huge help in not having an appetite between your main meals.

Fruits like watermelon, bananas, and strawberries can be a huge help to replace the desire to eat sweets. Vanilla, cinnamon, or almond extract is great for adding a little bit of sweetness to beverages. These simple steps are great for getting away from sweets.

We also recommend that our readers look at the following detoxifying smoothies and juices. In order to seem them, click here.


You should keep in mind that all the products that you eat everyday contain sugar, in lesser or greater amounts, which is why you have to know how to choose products that have lesser quantities and prevent consuming those that have greater quantities at all costs like sugary cereals, cookies, caramels, and chocolates, for example.

It will probably be a little difficult to stay away from these delicious “cravings” at first but if you really want to improve your health or prevent future problems, you should have a little bit of willpower and try to stay away from excess sweets forever.