What happens to your body when you drink Coca Cola?

Thanks to various investigations conducted in recent years, what many already feared has been confirmed: Coca Cola has serious effects on our health from the very moment that we take a sip. For many years, various health campaigns have aimed to get people to eliminate beverages such as Coca Cola from their diet. However, the statistics showing the number of consumers of this product are still very alarming, since it is estimated that every 24 hours 1.6 billion Coca Cola products are consumed throughout the world.

What are the harmful effects of Coca Cola?

Coca Cola is full of compounds that are harmful to our health, whether it be problems that arise in the short term or the long term. It is enough to know that a single can or bottle contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, as well as other chemicals that affect different major organs of our body.

What happens when you consume Coca Cola

After 10 minutes: taking in 10 teaspoons of sugar all at once has a devastating effect on our body. The reason we do not vomit it out is due to the fact that our body produces phosphoric acid.

After 20 minutes: glucose causes our insulin levels to increase causing the liver to convert all the sugar into fat. Remember that a single can or bottle contains up to 10 teaspoons of sugar.

After 40 minutes: our body will have completely absorbed the caffeine. Consequently, our pupils dilate, our blood pressure rises, and our liver releases more sugar into the blood stream. This in turn causes the adenosine receptors (predominant molecules in the sleep process) to be blocked and prevent us from feeling tired.

After 45 minutes: our body begins to produce more dopamine, a substance which stimulates the pleasure centers in our brain. This type of effect is compared to that produced by heroin.

After 60 minutes: after an hour it is likely that we will feel the urge to urinate. What we don’t realize is that by urinating we are also eliminating calcium, magnesium and zinc, which had been meant for the bones, and other important substances that could not be absorbed by our body. As time passes we start to have a sugar crash and are likely to be slow about our activities and feel lazy.

What harmful substances does Coca Cola contain?

As we have already mentioned, in addition to its high sugar content, Coca Cola also has other substances harmful to our health. The following list shows its major components and the effects that they have on our health.

Carbonated water: this ingredient causes gastric secretion, increasing the acidity of our gastric juices, and also causing flatulence.

Sodium cyclamate, a sugar substitute: this is a component that produces a taste that is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar. Research has found that ingesting it increases the risk of bladder cancer, which is why in 1969 it was banned by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Aspartame: this is another sugar substitute that was also banned by the FDA. When exposed to high temperatures, it breaks down into methanol (alcohol) and phenylalanine, which are substances that destroy the optic nerve and can cause blindness.

Phosphoric acid: this is a highly acidic component that can cause irritation to the skin and the eyes.

Alternative uses for Coca Cola

Coca Cola is a beverage that has been used for cleaning car engines.
In the United States, the police use Coca Cola after a traffic accident or murder to clean the road of any blood that may have been spilled.
Coca Cola is a substance used to remove rust stains from chrome surfaces and to clean corrosion from car batteries.
In India farmers use Coca Cola as a pesticide for exterminating pests from their crops, since it is an inexpensive and very effective product.
One of the most famous and effective tricks is to use Coca Cola to unclog plumbing pipes.