What Your Sleep Style Says About You

The way you sleep can say a lot about your personality, your habits, and even your concerns. There are many different sleep styles. Discover what each one means in the following article.

Sleeping Positions: What Do They Say About Us?

You can deduce a lot about a person’s personality by analyzing how they sleep. It is just a matter of observing if you have the possibility or if you want to know about yourself, to ask. When you sleep, your body takes advantage of resting but your mind also repairs and refreshes itself. Although it is true that there are as many postures as there are people in the world, it’s true that 6 main ones can be identified (with a few variants in each specific case).

After a lot of research, the relationship between sleep style and people’s personality has become known. Body language happens at all times and is also present when you are sleeping. Each position has an impact on your health as well.

The 6 Sleeping Postures

Fetal Position

This is sleeping on your side, curled, with your knees towards your chest, your arms crossed or close to your legs. It is called this because it is the way babies are in the mother’s womb. Sometimes an arm can be underneath a pillow. It is the most common posture that people take when going to sleep. In the aforementioned study, 41% of the 1000 people studied, chose it. Double the amount of women over men chose it. In regards to personality, there are different variations. For example, “curling up” to sleep is related to sensitivity and emotions, as well as the tendency to have more intense relationships. They can seem shy when they meet someone but afterwards they will relax, are very nice, caring, and are scared of being hurt emotionally..

“Trunk” Position

It is characterized by sleeping on your side, with both legs straight together, as well as keeping your back straight. Your hands will tend to be on the side of your body or with one of them underneath the pillow or even stretched out. It is taken on by 15% of the people that were in the study. People that do this are uninhibited, relaxed, and have a worry free personality. They are very social people, get along with most people, feel good when they are part of a group, trust in others, but tend to be very innocent.

“Melancholy” Position

Your back is straight but your legs are slight bent forward, your hands are stretched in front, and one can be underneath the pillow. 13% of the volunteers in the study said they sleep like this. People that sleep in the melancholy posture have a more complicated personality. Although they are friendly and open by nature, they also tend to be cynical and suspicious of others at the same time. Decisions are made calmly but when they make a decision, they are very stubborn and there is nothing that can make them change their mind. They can be best friends and care for others.

Soldier Position

Sleeping face up, with your legs separated at hip or shoulder width and arms stretched along the sides of your body (almost always touching it). No more than 8% said they sleep this way, with their chin towards the ceiling. These people’s personality is characterized by being reserved, quiet, with not very strong emotions, and don’t let others know a lot about them. They don’t like the “ordinary”, they have very high goals and objectives. They are loyal and protect their family and loved ones. They deeply value the ties they have with others.

“Free Falling” Position

They call it this because it seems like you just fell from heaven. Laying down face down, with your head turned towards one side, with one or both hands underneath the pillow or above your head. 7% of the people studied said they slept like this. In regards to personality, the “free fallers” are very intense, sociable, shameless, and deep down very sensitive, people. They love freedom a lot and don’t like to be told what to do (at no time whether it is love, work, family, society, etc). They are also not judgmental.

“Star” Position

This is the complete opposite of the one above, because the person is face up, with their arms partially or completely around the pillow, legs semi-bent or straight. This is the favorite position of 5% of the people interviewed. The personality of the “stars” is that they are better listeners to problems than others, very good friends, and are always willing to help others. But most of the time, they prefer to be the center of attention whether its at a meeting, among siblings, etc.

Side positions (fetal, trunk, and melancholy) are the healthiest of the six. According to doctors, you need to sleep on your side in order to prevent putting pressure on your heart and the rest of your vital organs. We suggest turning on your right side. Some books also recommend changing your position halfway through the night (half on one side and the other half on the other).

The two face up positions (star and soldier) can cause you to not sleep at night, which also aids snoring and other respiratory problems like apnea. They also cause acid reflux. Lastly, the only face “down” position (free falling) is good for digestion, although others say that it is the least recommended because all vital organs are “pressed down” against the mattress.